Class Descriptions

Pole Classes

  • POLE FIT L1 (Beginner)

  • You’ve never taken a pole class before and you wanna try but feeling nervous? Relax, we got you! We all start somewhere. This class is perfect for beginners and people who are new to pole dance. Your pole journey starts here! You’ll learn the foundations of pole dancing and build your strength. This dynamic class will teach you a variety of beginner pole moves including spins & twirls, climbs, pole sits followed by short combos. Pole Fit L1 will help you increase your body awareness and confidence.
    *  No experience required. We recommend wearing shorts for this class for optimal grip.
  • POLE FIT L1.5 (Beg/Int)

  • This class is designed to ease up your transition to Pole Fit L2. If you want to move up to L2, or if you’re already in Pole Fit L2 and revisit the foundations, this class is for you! You’ll learn more complex upright moves and combos. You’ll build your strength for Pole Fit L2 and inversions. 
    * We recommend instructor approval for this class. 


  • POLE FIT L2 (Intermediate)

  • Ready to get upside down? In this class you’ll start to learn pole inversions and get used to the sensation of being upside down. You’ll continue to build advanced beginner/intermediate pole moves, leg hangs, and combos while developing your strength further.
    * Not for beginners – participants must be comfortable with pole climb, pole sit variations, and basic pole spins. Instructor approval recommended.

  • Gentle Pole is a beginner friendly pole dance class.You’ll find your flow through pole choreography and learn to move your body with ease around the pole. This playful class starts with somatic based warm up followed by a pole dance choreography with music around the pole. Gentle Pole will help you make your connections with the pole and your body.
    * This class is for all levels. No prior pole or dance experience required. Leggings and/or knee pads are recommended.




  • This class combines the artistry of contemporary dance with the strength of pole dancing. This somatic-based contemporary pole class applies Laban Efforts to pole dancing for flow and expression. Through a choreographed routine, you’ll explore creative ways for bodily storytelling.
    *All levels are welcome. Not recommended for first timers. We recommend wearing shorts for this class. 

  • Come experience the classique style of pole dance! Feel sexy, confident, and more connected to your body. We’ll work on choreographed combos that include floor work, dance, and tricks with a focus on the softer, sexier side of pole dancing. This is a non-heels class. (Barefoot)
    * Participants must be comfortable with twirls and pole climb. We recommend shorts and knee pads for this class. 

Off the Pole Classes


  • This class focuses on your relationship with the ground, utilizing movement and body organization patterns that supports you to move in and out of the floor efficiently with momentum. Drawing inspirations from pole dance and contemporary dance, you will explore organic and smooth transitions, body locomotion, and sequences with different qualities and dynamics such as rolling, swinging, falling, and balancing. This class provides a variety of alternate movements for each movement and sequence. All levels and abilities are welcome.
    *We recommend leggings/sweat pants and socks for this class.

  • Increase your ability to move your body freely! This class will provide you the proper and safe technique to enhance your flexibility and strength. You’ll:
    *Work on your splits, backbends, and core strength
    *Learn what muscles to stretch, how and why
    *Get more flexible & stronger and maintain an injury-free body
    *Improve your pole performance!
    *Release muscle tension &soreness
    *Increase your shoulder and upper back mobility
    This class is for everyone from all levels.



  • Give yourself permission to move! You’ll creatively engage with emotional, physical, and cognitive processes through movement and dance. This class will allow you to safely explore and express yourself freely. Movement for Everybody offers a guided movement practice that helps you find body-mind connectivity and harmony.
    *This class is for everyone who wants to move! No experience is needed.