Zaide’s Pole Journey

This beautiful lady loved the challenge of pole fitness and the supportive community at Magnetic Pole Fit. Enjoy our beautiful interview with Zaide!

Rachelle’s Pole Journey

Rachelle, a beautiful school teacher, joined her first pole class with us at her birthday! She was accompanied with her husband. Rachel loved pole fitness and continued joining the classes regularly. Let’s listen what Rachel likes about the pole fitness most!

Danitza’s Pole Journey

Danitza met pole dance fitness on her birthday! Since then, she has been practicing pole fitness regularly. What does pole fitness mean to her and what motivates her towards this challenging workout? Happy to share this beautiful conversation!

Lih’s Pole Journey

One of our beautiful members Lih explains why she has chosen pole dance fitness over any other workout. Enjoy this great conversation!

pole dance fitness

Andrea’s Pole Journey

Andrea has a dance background but she tried pole dance for the first time at Magnetic Pole Fit! Why pole dance? Why Magnetic Pole Fit? How does it feel? Watch our video with full of laughter!

Sarah’s Pole Journey

Sarah lost 20 pounds in 2 months with supporting her diet with regular pole fitness classes. She is stronger and more fit now! Watch what Sarah tells about her pole journey and her achievements so far!

pole dance, pole fitness, pole move, pole pose

Arianna’s Pole Journey

Arianna is full of energy now! Listen to what she experiences so far! Watch her sharing her feelings about pole fitness and her pole fitness journey!

pole dance crucifix, pole fitness

Alex’s Pole Journey

What has Alex been experiencing so far? How is she feeling now?

Alex is the mom of 5 boys and she is enjoying her pole journey so far!



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