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Acro Pole & Flow with Michula Nunez – June 22, 3.30 pm

Let’s perform feats of physical strength, balance, and agility using the pole! This workshop will focus on pole dance fillers that are acrobatic in origin! In the first hour, we will learn ACRO POLE includes the tricks that use the pole AND the floor. These fillers are gymnastics-based elements that include flips, ‘back walkovers/back handsprings’, ‘front walkovers’, valdez, handstands, shoulder stands, forearm/elbow stands, presses, planches, and rolls using the pole! These are our forte and always have new varieties to share with you! It is okay if you don’t have a gymnastics background! The pole makes these elements accessible for ALL when properly using the push/pull, tension, and friction concepts! And there is great news; these tricks are easier than they appear! Often many of these tricks were previous aerial elements and are deconstructed to a lower profile. Learning these elements will build confidence on the pole and increase overall skill, thereby becoming aerial quicker. We will start with some crowd-pleasing basics and rapidly build progressions that are technique-driven with thorough explanations!

Low spins and Acro are a great combination! In the second hour, we will learn a choreography that will focus on the ground as we take what we learned in the first hour and configure into choreography! We will create a beautiful FLOW in CONTEMPORARY POLE DANCE that is full of the jaw-dropping elements that you now possess in your arsenal of tricks!

Pole & Pinot: Storytelling with Pole Dance – April 27, 5 pm

Do you have an inspiring story that you would like to share?

Or do you like listening to stories? Do archetypes resonate with you?

Let’s come together, tell each other stories, and make them alive!

In this 2 hour workshop, we will reach each other through inspiring stories. We will experience the power of storytelling. Then we create pole dance choreography from our stories, walk and move through them. We will reconnect with the wild women deep inside us. We will embody our stories and connect with each other through storytelling & pole dance.

We will seal our evening with a glass of wine.

Stories heal us. Pole dance and fitness make us stronger. Wine makes us happy. 

That’s why this workshop will work for us!

Cheers to our stories, movements, community, and pole dance!

Free Pole Fit All Levels Class – April 14, 12.30 pm

We love the way we connect through pole fitness, we want to show and share it with you! Thank you for your interest! We’re happy to offer one more FREE Pole Fit All Levels class!!

Our goal is to introduce you a new  way of fitness. We want to show you a powerful way to strengthen your body and mind. Join us for 1 hour Pole Fit All Levels class and try something different, challenge yourself, and have fun! 

 Remember age is just a number! All fitness abilities are welcome. No experience necessary.

Let’s make connections between our bodies, pole, and soul!

Acrobatics & Flexibility Workshop with Jody Ryker – March 2, 2 pm

Get ready to learn acrobatic tricks with Jody!

In this 90 min workshop, you will learn progressions and exercises to achieve or improve acrobatic tricks such as back bends, forearm stands, and handstands. A variety of flexibility and conditioning exercises for acrobatic practice will be shown. You will also leave this workshop with an understanding of how to keep your body safe while practicing these challenging poses. All levels are welcome. Everyone has something to learn from this workshop!

Jody specializes in pole dance, aerial hoop, and acrobatics. In 2015, Jody founded the performance group Pole Diversity (www.polediversity.com). She has directed and produced many hour long shows in Santa Cruz since then. Pole Diversity’s mission is to share pole dance in a circus setting and to dispel common misconceptions about pole dance. Jody performs around California at music festivals, events, burlesque shows and circus shows. She teaches pole dance and aerial hoop at various locations around the bay area, including UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Circus Arts, and SF Pole & Dance. Jody also has a master’s degree in pure mathematics!

Pole Sport Fitness with Lisa Agliano – February 23, 2 pm

Lisa Agliano is the former U.S. National Pole Sport Federation Master’s Elite Champion. She discovered pole sport at the age of 50. She was captivated by the athleticism, agility and artistry of the sport and became determined to master the necessary skills to become a competitive pole sport athlete. Lisa hopes to educate and inspire the public and future athletes in the benefits of pole sport and competitive pole. Lisa wants to inspire new students to love pole just as much as she does!

In this 90 min workshop, Agliano will teach pole moves, spins, and combos for 1 hour (including warm-up and conditioning at the beginning).
In the last 30 minutes, she will share her personal story with us. How did she start pole at the age of 50, how she became US National Pole Sport Champion and more. This conversational talk will enlarge your vision. Agliano is a beautiful proof of anything is possible at any age. Get ready to be inspired! Get ready to be motivated! Get ready to believe in yourself more!

If you are a beginner, you will enjoy this workshop with Agliano’s kind and elegant teaching style. She will treat you well and make you love pole!
If you are an intermediate, you will revisit the pole foundations and clean your pole moves with Agliano’s experience!

Vision Board & Pole Workshop – February 10, 1 pm

Vision boards are an amazing way to begin invoking the Law of Attraction.

When you give your dreams a visual representation, your emotions connect to those desires more powerfully. And emotions stimulate the process of the law attraction by keeping you more motivated to take the daily required actions to bring your desires into your reality.

We will get closer to our dreams with visual presentation and embody our dreams & emotions with pole movements. Workshop starts with 1 hour Vision Board presentation & creation and continues with 1 hour pole choreo. Let’s find our connections with our dreams together!

Free Pole Strength Class – February 9, 2 pm

Because we love the way we connect through pole fitness, we want to show and share it with you!

Join us for a FREE Pole Strength class…

… and explore a powerful way of fitness! Try pole workout, challenge yourself, get stronger, and have fun! Remember age is just a number! All fitness abilities are welcome. No experience necessary.

Let’s make connections between our bodies, pole, and soul!