Class Descriptions


  • Gentle Pole is a somatic based pole dance class. This class starts with breathing exercises and continues with Bartenieff Body Connection warm up. You’ll find your flow through pole choreography and learn to move your body with ease around the pole. Gentle Pole will help you find your connections with the pole and your body.
    * This class is for all levels. No prior pole or dance experience required. Leggings and/or knee pads are recommended.




  • Pole Fit L1 is our beginner level pole class. This class is good for anyone who is new to pole. This the beginning of your pole and dance journey! You’ll learn the foundations of pole dance fitness, build your strength, and discover a supportive community. This dynamic class will teach you variety of beginner pole moves including basic pole spins, twirls, climbs,  pole sits, and more. You will feel stronger and connected to yourself more after each class!
    * This class is for all beginners. No experience required. Please wear shorts for this class.

  • You’ll experience the classique style of pole dance! We’ll work on the choreographed combos that include floorwork, dance, and tricks with a focus on the softer, sexier side of pole. This class will help you reconnect with your feminine identity through empowering pole choreography. Heels are preferred but not required.


    * Participants must be comfortable with pole climb and twirls. Knee pads are recommended.

  • Get ready to move forward in your pole journey!  In this class you’ll start to go upside down and learn basic pole inversions. You’ll continue to learn more advanced upright pole moves and spin combos while developing your strength for inversions and leg hangs.
    * Not for beginners – participants must be comfortable with pole climb, pole sit variations, and basic pole spins. Instructor approval recommended.

  • Ready to fly? In this class, you’ll apply the Pole Fit L1 & L2 static pole technique and moves to the spinning pole. You’ll learn beautiful ways to start spinning and control your speed. 
    * Not for beginners – participants must have completed minimum of 4 months of pole training. Instructor approval recommended.

  • This class is for students who have already mastered the Pole Fit L2 moves, inversions from the floor, and leg hangs.Pole Fit L3 will bring your pole journey to the next level. You’ll work on moves such as aerial inversions, shoulder mount, and will learn moves with less point of contact. In this class, you’ll also find a chance to incorporate spin pole to your pole practice. 
  • LYRA

  • The lyra is a circular metal hoop that suspends from the ceiling.
    In this class you’ll learn how to find your balance and be comfortable on the hoop while building your strength with combos and poses. You’ll learn to flip, roll, and the transitions between the poses.
    * This class is for all levels! Progressions will be offered. Please wear leggings, fitted top, and socks. Make sure that your body is covered. 

  • Flexibility training increases range of motion and helps to prevent injuries. This class will provide you the proper and safe stretching techniques to enhance your flexibility. While you’re working on your splits, straddles and improving your backbends in this class, you’ll also improve your posture and maintain your dynamic alignment.
    This class is for all levels.

  • Conditioning is essential for your pole and aerial training.
    This full-body workout class will improve your physical performance and endurance through a variety of exercises.
    This class is for everyone who wants to get stronger!


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