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  • This class will tone you up, increase your flexibility, and help you to reconnect with your inner self! The class starts with breath exercises and progresses using a variety of body patterns. You will find for your inner strength and mind-body connectivity through your low impact workout.
    * 60 min

  • This full body workout will build your muscle strength and increase your core support. You will feel stronger and connected to yourself more after each class! This dynamic class starts with an energetic warm up and continues with strength training and conditioning. The class combines a range of exercises on the pole including basic pole spins, climbs, pole holds, pole sits and simple transitions with functional movements. You will use only your body weight and try to lift yourself up! This class is about power and perfect for people who are new to pole.
    • *60 min

  • Blast your fitness to the next level! This class will increase not only your strength more but your confidence level! More power moves with ease! More strength, more muscle tone, more connectivity! We are going to have fun doing exercises on the pole! You will keep the spins, lunges, jumps, and rhythm of the music. Not for beginners – you should be comfortable with the pace and moves of Pole Strength class.
    *60 min