6-Week Pole Program for Absolute Beginners

You wanna try pole dancing but feeling nervous and don’t know where to start?

Relax, we got your covered!

You want to:

  • start your pole journey, but don’t know where to begin?
  • gain strength while having fun?
  • get out of your comfort zone and try a new form of fitness?
  • move with confidence and feel beautiful?
  • rediscover your body in a safe and friendly space?
  • learn the pole foundations with a somatic whole body approach?

Then this program is for you!

Our next 6-Week Pole Program for Absolute Beginners kicks off on April 17!

What do we offer?

* 6 Pole Fit L1 classes where you’ll learn the foundations of pole dancing, including pole climb, pole sits, spins & twirls, moves with knee hook, and combos.

* Weekly at-home movement exercises to improve your pole dancing functionality and expressivity. You’ll also release muscle tension and recover your body with these exercises.

* Fun, community, and new skills for sure!

Class Dates & Times: (every Monday at 5:30 pm)

April 17, 24
May 1, 8, 15, 22

Who is the 6-Week Pole Program for?

This program is designed to safely develop a strong foundational pole practice.

Whether you have taken a handful of beginner-level classes or you have never even touched a pole, this program is great for you!

What can this program do for you?
During 6-weeks, you’ll

  • set your personal and movement goals.
  • learn the pole dance foundations, of course!
  • build your strength and increase your mobility.
  • discover an exciting new workout. You’ll have fun!
  • build your confidence and trust in your body
  • express yourself through pole dancing.
  • enjoy being out of your comfort zone and overcome your mental blocks.
  • learn how to move your body efficiently and with ease on and off the pole.

How the 6-Week Pole Program works?

You’ll show up at our studio for your pole dance class every Monday at 5:30 pm starting from April 17. The next day after your pole class, you’ll receive at home workouts in your mailbox. During your first class, you’ll set your goals for your path towards growth.

There will be max of 10 people in your cohort and poles will be shared. Classes will be 70 minutes (longer than our drop-in classes!) The program starts with a min of 5 sign ups.

 Why is this Pole Program different?

  • Unlike taking a drop-in pole class, you’ll commit to your pole practice for 6 weeks! You’ll see the progress as you show up and keep practicing!
  • You don’t have to worry about finding a spot in a drop-in pole class any more. Your spot has been reserved for 6 weeks!
  • You’ll take your classes with the same instructor who will follow your progress closely week by week.
  • You’ll share the space with the same people during 6 weeks! We witnessed many strong friendships blossomed through our 6-Week Pole Programs!
  • This 6-Week Pole Program is a personalized pole dance and movement training that is modified according to each participant’s goals and skill level.
  • Beyond learning different pole moves, you’ll explore how to execute them with ease and flow. With our somatic movement approach, you’ll also learn ways to release your tension and activate your emotional body through movement.
  • You’ll learn in a safe space with a great community.

How much it cost?

The value of the program is more than $299.
Early Bird : $249 (until April 10)

Why you should sign up NOW?

The program has limited spots and it fills up quickly.


*If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

E-mail us: info@magneticpolefit.com
Check our website: www.magneticpolefit.com
Call us: 669-214-6210

Everybody can pole dance.

All you need is to start.

What our 1st cohort said?

  ” I definitely feel a lot stronger than I did six weeks ago; not just physically but mentally.” Olivia K. 


  “6-Week Pole Program helped with consistency and understanding movements as they build upon each other.” Andrea T. 


“I like that it was the same people and same teacher every week. I actually gained the confidence I wanted and even more I got strength. I finally conquered my fear of spinning!” Melissa L.


” I definitely feel that I’m getting stronger! Especially the abs! It’s a very lovely environment, very encouraging. I loved it! Super fun program.” Jasmine O.


“It was a super well done program. I learned a lot about my body. It’s sad that it’s over. It was my favorite part of the week!” Sophia S.