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It is with heavy heart that I must announce the closure of Magnetic Pole Fit starting from 3/16.
All memberships and class packages will be paused until we turn back to our regular class schedule.

Right now we are doing our best to cope with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. Despite all the challenges we have been confronted by in the last few days, we are doing our part to not contribute to the spread of this virus. It is crucial that we are prioritizing everyone’s health and safety.

Many of us are used to extroversion and activity but are now being forced into isolating conditions. It is a stressful time for everyone and we understand that we cannot simply ‘shelter-in’ our fears or anxiety.

It is natural for our bodies to crave movement. In fact, movement can heal us when grief, stress or injury causes the body to hold tension, decreasing range-of-motion and elasticity.

At Magnetic Pole Fit we value movement. Our studio was built upon the idea of having a safe and inclusive space for all to find self-expression and growth through dance and fitness.

We feel it is in the best interest of our community that we create new ways to adapt to our current circumstances. We are currently offering virtual dance & fitness classes. You can sign up for our virtual classes through our schedule.

I am also available for any questions or concerns regarding our studio and beloved community. Though our doors have temporarily closed, I will remain open to supporting your pole and fitness journey.

Lacin Keles



We aim to create a safe space here at Magnetic Pole Fit, space that is just for you! You already know what you are capable of. We are here only to help you out! In this safe space surrounded with supportive people, you will reconnect with yourself and identity. You will remember your connections within.
It is more than a physical exercise! Get ready for a journey of feeling….
 …the strength building
… reconnected

Great fitness class, beautiful studio, and very friendly instructor! I love the intensity of Pole Workout L1 and the Gentle Pole Workout. I regularly go to Sunday morning classes and it feels so good. Lacin, the owner, is very energetic and she loves what she does. I highly recommend taking pole fitness classes at Magnetic Pole Fit.

Seher B.

What a great work out! I felt great after strengthening the core! Will definitely recommend to friends!

Xiao G.

When I tried Magnetic Pole Fit, I finally found my routine. It is both fun and a great work out. Lacin's energy is amazing. She is a great instructor who knows how to motivate and entertain her students. It is great to have fun while having a good work out.

Allie M.

Must say this method of exercise gives me results towards my fitness goals! Magnetic Pole fit is a fun, supportive environment and also builds on strength!

Amanda N.