Explore your strength. Feel empowered. Move with confidence. 
You want to start your pole journey, but don’t know where to begin?
Our 6-Week Pole Program for Absolute Beginners is great for you!
Magnetic Pole Fit is an exclusive space for pole, dance, and movement located in San Jose, CA.  Our small class sizes ensure that you receive a personalized training experience and individual attention. Magnetic Pole Fit is not a traditional pole dance studio. We use X-Stage Lite poles and we offer small class sizes.
Lacin Keles – movement coach, pole dance teacher, and owner of MPF – applies a professional somatic background in her approach to pole dance functionality and expressivity. Her MFA thesis is the first in the literature on somatic movement applications in pole dance performance and choreography. Honoring all bodies, we encourage moving with ease, finding joy & flow in movement and dance. 
We appreciate personal uniqueness and encourage creative movement. Magnetic Pole Fit welcomes all movers, dancers, aerialists, and extended community members regardless of background, body type, or skill level. 

We love what we do. Hear what they’re saying about Magnetic Pole Fit.


It’s been just about a month of once a week classes, but oh I am so addicted! Does it hurt, yes… Is it frustrating, yes … am I left with pole kisses, yes !! But importantly am I in love with it… Yes!! I can’t thank Lacin enough. She is a wonderful instructor helping me step outside my comfort zone (I am 40+), teaching me to love my body & movement, build my confidence, encouraging me and having fun. I look forward to my pole journey with MPF

Eleanor Jane

Hands down the best decision I’ve made was to take my first pole class here. Lacin, the instructor and owner of MPF, is the kindest person ever and the biggest cheerleader to her students. She takes the time to really stop and help you gets the moves down; it’s like it is a goal of hers to see you doing well. Shes so encouraging, even when I feel like im not doing as well as i want to. My favorite thing she says to us during class is “Youre not trying, YOURE DOING!” And it pushes me to always come back. Since then Ive taken so many of my friends with me to pole classes and we always have a blast. Ive taken one class with the other instructor, Jody, for spin pole and she’s amazing too. Watching them execute the moves always has me in awe


I’ve always been interested in pole, and finally found Lacin (the most wonderful, supportive instructor!!). I recently started 1v1 lessons with her, something that I love that she offers. Even the smaller class sizes allows you to have more attention for fixing form and working on what you would like to in such a welcoming environment. I have never felt more comfortable, creative, and had more fun in a class before! Parking is easy, and her smaller studio is great. I cannot wait to continue pole here!