Meet the Instructor

Lacin Keles

Owner, Pole Dance Instructor, Movement Coach

Lacin Keles is the founder of Magnetic Pole Fit. Born and raised in Turkey, Keles lived in Russia, stayed in Costa Rica, and traveled to various countries until she moved to California in 2015. Keles has a diverse dance background and besides her pole dance training in Russia, she has trained in flamenco, ballet, modern, and contemporary dance. As a multicultural dancer with a diverse movement lexicon, she uses movement and dance to explore her identity as a woman and to empower women around the world to realize and reach their full potential. 

Lacin has been performing and choreographing around the Bay Area since 2016. She has founded her dance & performance company Lacin Keles Movement in 2021. In her artistic work, Keles merges the strength and artistic expression of pole dancing with contemporary dance and uses somatically-driven contemporary pole dance as a medium. She has a BS in mechanical engineering and MFA in Dance – Creative Practice from St Mary’s College of California. Lacin worked in corporate world for 9 years as a mechanical engineer until she quit and shifted her profession to what she loves! Keles is a AFAA certified group fitness instructor, XPERT certified pole fitness instructor, ballet and contemporary dance teacher.

Keles has developed a unique movement practice by applying multiple somatic movement principles to pole dancing functionality and expressivity. Her MFA thesis is the first in the literature on somatic movement applications in pole dancing performance and choreography. She has been invited to speak at prestigious national and international somatic movement conferences and symposiums. Keles has been featured in media and her work has been covered in the Content Magazine.

Keles finds immense joy in bringing dance to everyone regardless of background, body type, gender, and age. Her pedagogy focuses on the importance of: finding connections within our bodies, personal uniqueness, building relationships with the pole and our environment, moving with ease and flow.

She believes that anything is possible at any age. She believes that with continuous practice and hard work, we can achieve any task. Lacin has built Magnetic Pole Fit around these beliefs. She says: “We, women, are stronger than we think or we have been taught. We only need motivation and encouragement. We need to reconnect with the wild woman we have inside! Again!”