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Meet Our Instructors

Lacin Keles

Founder & Instructor

Pole Fit L1, Gentle Pole

Hello Lovely People! I’m excited to reach out to you through Magnetic Pole Fit.

I am a Turkish woman, who was born and raised by the Black Sea.I lived in various regions of Turkey, which is located between the Middle East and Europe and contains diverse cultures with their adaptations, until I was 26. My personal journey continued with moving to Russia, staying in Costa Rica, travelling to Far East, Africa, and Western Europe, and finally moving to California, USA.

I have a BS in mechanical engineering and I worked as an engineer for many years. It has never been my thing and finally I quit the corporate life in 2015. I have always danced all my life. Then I went to Costa Rica as a volunteer dance teacher. I taught dance in an orphanage and a low-income middle school. It was such a fulfilling experience.

I got married in 2015 with the most amazing professor and moved to San Jose with him. I shifted my profesion do dance, fitness, and choreography at the age of 30, where I was told it’s too late. Now I am a Master of Fine Arts in Dance-Creative Practice candidate (at SMC), XPERT Pole Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, and Director of Magnetic Pole Fit!

I believe that anything is possible at any age. I believe that with continuous practice and hard work, we can achieve any tasks. I have built Magnetic Pole Fit around these beliefs. I believe that we, women, are stronger then we think or we have been taught. We only need motivation and encouragement. We need to reconnect with the wild woman we have inside! Again!

My purpose is to show you how to strengthen your body and mind through pole fitness so that you can reconnect with your feminine identity and confidence.

I do believe in the power of optimism and community. Life may be stressful, gyms may be boring but I believe we can create a safe space here at Magnetic Pole Fit by sharing and supporting each other through pole fitness.

Can’t wait to feel your lovely presence at the studio!

Jody Ryker

Pole Fit L2, Spin Pole, Flexibility

Jody specializes in pole dance, aerial hoop, and acrobatics. In 2015, Jody founded the performance group Pole Diversity. She has directed and produced many hour long shows in Santa Cruz since then. Jody teaches pole dance fitness and aerial hoop at various locations around the bay area. She also has a master’s degree in pure mathematics!

Ellen Lovelace

 Pole Fit L1, Pole Fit L2, Pole Fit L3

Ellen is a pole instructor, certified Aerial Yoga teacher and a functional nutritionist. Ellen began pole dancing in 2008 and with an eye for details and a love for musicality, she has also coached some top pole competitors. Ellen is co-producer of the Northern California Pole Presentational, held annually in San Jose, CA.

Andrea Thomas

Dance Fitness

Andrea is a Bay Area native with a minor in dance from San Jose State University. Trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and cumbia. With 10 years of competitive hip hop under her belt with Future Shock San Jose, Culture Shock Oakland, and VIP San Jose, she also directed Future Shock for 3 years. She has backup danced for Snoop Dogg, E-40, Sam Milby, Karylle, as well as local artists Xavier Toscano and Manuel Romero, and she was a TFC.com dancer for a short term. Andrea now finds her passions in bodybuilding, pole fitness, and creating dance concept videos.

Abigail Molina

Spin Pole, Flexibility, Handstands & Inversions

Abi’s path to instructing began some years ago when she competed in wrestling in high school & college; this started her interest in fitness. Since that time she has done cross-fit, yoga (both Bikram as well as Ashtanga) and also a mixture of aerial arts, including rope, silks, Lyra, flying pole as well as trapeze. Gaining experience among these different disciplines has helped Abi to improve her own pole fitness, as well as increase her overall strength, health and fitness. Abi is largely self-taught in many of these areas, including pole doubles, Acro Yoga and aerial doubles. Working on routines for performances and showcases has also helped her to develop her skills and to broaden her knowledge as an instructor.
She believes that pole conditioning, fitness and also proper nutrition are all important aspects to become better on pole. If your goal is to improve how you move on the pole and/or your abilities when it comes to pole fitness, Abi is happy to share what she has learned along the way.